Top 10 Best Shoes for Bad Knees

Its been a big bad world for those who have been a patient of bad knees. Considering this situation, below we have listed down the best shoes for bad knees. We hope you like it!

best shoes for bad knees
Health Issues Related to Knees:
Knees illness cannot be less than a curse for those who have been constantly subjected to bad knees, some of the illness related to knees are:
a.)    Torn ligaments
b.)    Arthritis
c.)    Meniscal injuries
d.)    Muscle imbalance
e.)    Tendon injuries

What to Look for in Shoes for Knee Pain:

Knee pain can be traumatic as the person’s freedom is snatched by the pain and discomfort caused by the illness. Below are one of the best things you can do to avoid such knee pains:

a.)    Avoid high heels.
b.)    Avoid wearing shoes with a hard sole.
c.)    Frequently keep your body active and exercise daily.
d.)    Consulting a doctor even when the slightest discomfort is felt.

  Top Shoes for Bad Knees Reviews:

1. Dr. Comfort Shoe for Knee Pain

•    Dr. Comfort Gary – Men:

a.)    These shoes are one of the best shoes for bad knees.
b.)    Since men need to stay active a lot more than woman need to be, therefore these shoes are one of the best choices for your knee’s health.
c.)    Specially designed by rheumatologists to pamper your knees.
d.)    The knee load is reduced as a natural motion occurs due to the FLEX-OA.
e.)    An effective biomechanical intervention for the best management of your knees.
f.)    Works the best for arthritic knees.

•    Dr. Comfort Sandy – Women:

a.)    The mesh is highly flexible and can be cut so as to adjust any bunions in case any discomfort causes.
b.)    The shoes not only makes natural moves but also adds grace to your walking style.
c.)    The shoes are engineered in such a manner which reduces the burdens on your knees and makes your feet feel light.
d.)    The body is highly perforated which adds to the health of your feet by avoiding any bacteria formation.
e.)    You can call these shoes as the simplest form of knee treatment, as the moment you wear them and start walking the shoes would start incorporating the embedded techniques to treat your discomfort.

2. Asics Neo 4 – Best Shoes for Bad Knees and Plantar Fasciitis

•    ASICS Neo 4 – Men:

a.)    The perfectly designed shoes which can allure any shoe lover out there.
b.)    These shoes are not only a statement creator but also a walking supporter as the technology which is used to engineer these shoes makes them irresistibly comfortable!
c.)    The reason for these shoes being one of the best shoes for bad knees is the biomorphic fit upper along with a special inner window which is specially designed for people suffering from bunions.
d.)    So here you won’t be needing to cut the inner mesh to create some space for the bunions.

•    ASICS Neo 4 – Women:

a.)    The sole is very unique and is crafted out of Soft Duomax which makes the transition softer ranging from the heel to the toe.
b.)    Beneath the foot’s ball is a soft ball inserted which gives an amazing soft base to place your foot on.
c.)    The foot pressure is extremely reduced by the amazing lacing system of the shoes which keeps your feet intact.
d.)    The heels are amazingly cushioned by gel, which acts as a shock absorber preventing the feel getting any cramps.
e.)    The shoes is overall very soft and the inner sole can be replaced in case you need to change it as per your requirements.
f.)    So aren’t these shoes quite a good competition in the race of best shoes for bad knees?

3. New Balance 813 – Recommended for Osteoarthritis

•    New Balance 813 – Men:

a.)    Yet a revolutionary product which makes it to our best shoes for bad knees.
b.)    A perfect pair of shoes for those who even after their knees ailment, sincerely practice their workout sessions.
c.)    The shoes upper is made up of soft breathable leather which not only cradles your feet but also makes your feet healthy by their breathability.
d.)    The supportive cushioning technology is excellent who feel intense pressure around their heels.

•    New Balance 813 – Women:

a.)    The ROLLBAR technology is a factor which makes it unique in the market for best shoes for bad knees.
b.)    The soft leather ensures durability without compromising the health of your feet.
c.)    For strength, usually shoes manufacturers construct the tongue out of leather, however in this case the tongue is made out of soft mesh which ensures breathability, comfort and avoids bristles.
d.)    The collar is excellent and makes a nice gripping for the ankle.

4. Skechers Go Walk 3 – Slip-On Shoes for Bad Knees

•    Skechers Go Walk 3 – Men:

a.)    When it comes to knees problems what else can be better than a pair of shoes which are easy to put on and off without pressurizing your knees by bending them for a long time.
b.)    The GoGa mat technology is what which makes these shoes so comfortable and super easy to wear.
c.)    The cushioned heel made out of memory foam adds a lot of support and bounce to your heels which is really comforting while walking in these miraculous pair of shoes.
d.)    These shoes are no doubt one of the best shoes for bad knees as they act as a life support system when it comes to the treatment and comfort for knee patients.

•    Skechers Go Walk 3 – Women:

a.)    These shoes are specifically designed for neuropathic patients who have to give a second thought when it comes to the idea of making a short journey by walking!
b.)    For the pressure to dissipate it is important for the feet to feel free, therefore the light weight of the shoes makes the feet free from any added pressures, therefore it makes it easy for them to walk in them.
c.)    The mesh design are amazingly constructed to make the shoes strong with making it nicely ventilated to promote the feet’s health.
d.)    These unique qualities makes the shoes one of the best shoes for bad knees.

5. Gravity Defyer Super Walk Athletic Knee Pain Sneakers

•    G-Defy Super Walk – Men:

a.)    These shoes have made it huge in the market for the best shoes for bad knees as they have been providing with excellent shoe services for years!
b.)    These shoes are highly durable with a nice athletic- casual look make it perfect to wear for almost any occasion.
c.)    So in case you have knee problems and still you need to work under harsh conditions like working on concrete floor, then these shoes are surely your best friend!
d.)    The shoes are made up of synthetic material and have a mesh upper body.

•    G-Defy Super Walk – Women:

a.)    A man-made sole is what is needed to have a perfect base for your feet, and here these shoes offer you the best man made soles, which ensures a complete comfort for your aching feet.
b.)    The web-last technology is yet another feature which fights against your deadly knee problems.
c.)    When you are standing the soft sole makes it easier to stand whilst removing pressure from your knees.
d.)    In case you need to use orthotics, you can easily remove the insole and replace it with your orthotics.

6. Skechers Shape-Ups XT Bad Knees Fitness Shoe:

•    Skechers Shape Ups – Men:

a.) the fitting and the cushioning of these shoes are what makes it one of the best shoes for bad heels.
b.) a bad fitting and hard base are one of the reasons which causes knee pains, however these shoes have won the race and have therefore secured a place for being one of the best shoes for bad heels.
c.) these shoes are great at treating the stiffness of the back.
d.) along with being an excellent remedy for back pain, they also serve as a treatment for knee pain.

•    Skechers Shape Ups – Women:

a.)    Shoes are highly responsible for the balance of your body, therefore these shoes have made it to the best shoes for bad knees as they help balancing the body which ultimately creates a nice posture.
b.)    These shoes are excellent at firming the muscles of your legs which is a good sigh of recovering from the bad knees.
c.)    These shoes are not just shoes, they are an ultimate guide for bad knees treatment.
d.)    The soft and cushioned padding support the entire feet and makes it possible for knee patients to go for a longer distance by walking without any support.

7. Merrell Moab Ventilator Hiking Shoe for Bad Knees

•    Merrell Moab – Men:

a.)    These shoes are another name for a nice ventilation system.
b.)    These shoes are so strong that other than the bad knee patients they can also be worn for hiking purposes.
c.)    They are an ultimate source for bad knees treatment as the grip is what makes the shoes very safe for neuropathic patients to wear.
d.)    The excellent cushioning from inside makes these shoes extremely comfortable and safe to wear.
e.)    The sole is made up of rubber which is a plus point for those who have bad knees and can’t focus more on maintaining the balance rather than keeping their knees away from pressure.

•    Merrell Moab – Women:

a.)    The shoes are made up of leather and thus ensures the durability of the shoes with health.
b.)    Health of the feet is promoted by the amazing mesh which lies under the leather cage of the shoes.
c.)    Very good to even walk in the waters.
d.)    The heel counter and rubber toe bumper are what makes these shoes a life saver for neuropathic patients.
e.)    So these qualities makes an easy entry of these shoes for the best shoes for bad knees.

8. Clarks – Dress Shoes for Sore Knees

•    Clarks Senner – Men:

a.)    These shoes rather fall into a casual cum formal category as they don’t have a sporty appearance.
b.)    These shoes have an easy to wear slip on style which makes it easy for the knee patients to wear and walk in them.
c.)    The collars are highly stretchable and soft so it won’t be a difficult task to put the shoes on and off. The soft collars avoid any bristles.
d.)    They have a stylish appearance so no matter how bad knees you are having, for your treatment purposes you won’t be focused to sacrifice your style.
e.)    The sole is made up of rubber, so you won’t be struggling much with those slippery floors.

•    Clarks Ashland – Women:

a.)    The firm midsoles are excellent in absorbing any shock from foreign sources.
b.)    The inner cushioned sole promotes balance and a nice posture.
c.)    The feminine version of these shoes are excellent to wear on pencil skirts.

9. ASICS GEL-Game® 5 – Best Tennis Shoes for Bad Knees

•    ASICS Game 5 – Men:

a.)    These shoes are made up of synthetic material and are thus water resistant.
b.)    The rubber sole is well constructed and is excellent for traction purposes.
c.)    These shoes mainly focus on creating stability and comfort.
d.)    The tongue and collar duo are excellent for gripping purposes which is aided by the excellent lacing system.

•    ASICS Game 5 – Women:

a.)    The forefoot GEL cushioning brings to you maximum underfoot support which makes these shoes enter the best shoes for bad knees club.
b.)    They are very light however very long lasting.
c.)    Due to their excellent engineering these shoes have successfully played their part in treating bad knees.
d.)    The Excellency of treating bad knees have made these shoes as one of the best shoes for bad knees.

10. ASICS GEL-Nimbus – Shoes for High Arches and Bad Knees

•    ASICS Nimbus – Men:

a.)    These shoes are no doubt one of the best shoes for bad knees.
b.)    The best feature of these shoes are the super cushioned gel technology based soles which are excellent at absorbing shocks.
c.)    The shoes has an amazing design and makes you feel for comfortable and confident at the same time.
d.)    The lacing system is excellent and provides a nice supporting grip to the overall feet.
e.)    The collar along with the padded mesh tongue make a nice comforting duo which avoids blister and simultaneously aids to the grip.

•    ASICS Nimbus – Women:

a.)    The rear foot and front foot cushioning technology gives an excellent support and base to the high arches of the feet.
b.)    These shoes provide a perfect fit by the highly stretchable mesh technology which makes stretchable and breathable at the same time without compromising with the durability of the shoes.
c.)    These shoes make a greater focus of the support of the heel, therefore after wearing these shoes, the feet gets a nice bouncy feeling due to the padding and excellent cushioning system.


So these were the shoes which made it to the list of best shoes for bad knees. We hope this articles proves to be helpful for you all!





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